About Jazmin


My Name is Jazmin and I am a young woman from Detroit who is striving to live righteously before my Lord.

Christ captured my heart at the age of 16. From then on up to now, I’ve had my struggles with sin and compromising my faith to please people. I can’t compromise anymore. It is too damaging and it pulls me away from my Lord and that is a place where I don’t ever want to be again!!! With God’s grace, I will only do what pleases Him. I respect and honor my God too much to blatantly sin before Him just because I know He’ll forgive me. I know God loves me but I’m tired of taking that for granted. This is no longer about me…it never has been! I want to REALLY live for the Lord and I’m on a journey to figure out what that looks like. 

We’ve been given an allotted time on this earth to fulfill God’s plan and our time is running short. We need to spend every moment glorifying God and sharing the gospel while simultaneously building relationships, creating disciples and being a disciple, and building up the Body of Christ. We need to read God’s Word and take it for what it is and what it says. 

I must be committed in this relationship with Christ, for He deserves my life.

Please feel free to share any encouragement or thoughts at any time.

I love you all. Stay connected to our Holy King. He will take care of you.

-Jazmin. M


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