Happy Birthday Detroit!!!

Today, a wonderful, surviving city turns 312 years old! What a great age! I’ve been a Detroit resident my entire life and I would not want it to be any other way. Detroit is amazing and has endured and will continue with God’s grace. Despite the hatred spewed on to the face of an amazing city, Detroit has always been amazing. We continue to grow in our cultural diversity, our rich history remains, and the beauty of the city lives on. To the world, Detroit may seem to be in bad shape right now but that doesn’t make Detroit a terrible city. The multitude of greatness that shines from Detroit covers the temporary bad circumstances that the media cannot seem to keep their hands and mouths off of. It is as if the world outside of Detroit is waiting for a total shut down to happen but I’ve got news for those people…You will be waiting forever!

The passion that the young folks have, that I’ve encountered, will lift the city up to an all new high. All we need to do is work together, talk and brainstorm solutions, and not be afraid to let our voices, ideas, and opinions be heard. Let today be a day of celebration and reflection. Detroit is an amazing place. All it needs is a little love, hope, care, and support. Live on Detroit!!!

Pray for Detroit!

-Jazmin. M


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Detroit!!!

  1. Wow! What a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much Jazmin for sharing your enthusiasm about the future of Detroit. I believe that you, with the Spirit of God, can change Detroit and you are doing so right now. Keep speaking life over Detroit and Life Detroit will have. God Bless you dear sister and keep loving and believing God. Words do more than plant miracle seeds with you speaking them they can change the world! Something God told me through a card years ago.

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